Anna University Industry Institute Collaboration Forum
Sl.NoInstitute NameAdvanced Equipments
1 Sri Venkateshwara College Of Engineering 
2 Prince Shri Venkateshwara Padmavathy Engineering IC Engine data acquisition system, UTM data acquisition system, Ansys & CFX
3 SCAD Institute of TechnologySCADA ,UV Spectrophotometer, Rotary Evaporator,PCR, Geldocumentation, Fermenter, Distillation Unit, Plant Tissue Culture Lab
4 Anna University Regional CampusSCADA ,UV Spectrophotometer, Rotary Evaporator,PCR, Geldocumentation, Fermenter, Distillation Unit, Plant Tissue Culture Lab
5 Sri Krishna College Of Engg. and Tech.NA
6 Sri Krishna College Of TechnologyIOT equipments, 3D printing machine, All field expertise equipments
8 Happy Valley Business SchoolNIL
9 PPG Institute Of TechnologyNIL
10 Sengunthar College Of Engineering"LED Bulb Assembler, Zealtech Advanced Workbench, Power Management Kits, Power Electronics Equipment, Computer networks"
11 K V Institute of Management and Information StudiesIndustry Collaboration
12 Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology"1.AERO - Subsonic wind tunnel, Tumansky R500 Engine, Polariscope Servicable aircraft 2.AGRI - Meterological instruments Tractor cut section and cut sections of sub-assemblies of tractor power trains 3.BIO MEDICAL Engg - Microtome, Sliding unit , Wax dispenser 4.BIO TECH - UV-Vis spectrophotometer 5.CIVIL - Loading Frame NDT facilities Total station 6.ECE - Cadance for VLSI, DSOs IOT hardwares for GSM and GPS interfaces 7.EEE - Harmonic Spectrum Analyzer LabVIEW ECAD PLC Users JPEG Smart camera 300KWp Solar Power Plant 8.FOOD TECH - Cabinet dryer (150 deg cl) Soxlet apparatus for solvent extracction Dean and stalk apparatus 9.MECH & AUTO - 3D printing machines Solid Works PLM softwares and CATIA CNC mill and turn machines with FMS modular facility10.PHYSICS - Low and atmospheric pressure plasam reactor Optical emission spectrometer 11.CHEMISTRY - UV-Vis spectrophotometer"
14 SVS College Of EngineeringIntel-Intelligent System Lab, Digital Manufacturing Lab,Geographical Info System Lab, Petrofac Centre
15 Institute of Road and Transport TechnologyAutomobile Engineering
16 JCT College of Engineering and TechnologyLaoding Frame, CNC lathe and machining Center, Spary drier
17 Al-Ameen Engineering CollegeData Acquisition System on 4 stroke petrol engine, HC refrigeration System, Composite wall apparatus, UTM
18 Ranganathan Engineering CollegeNIL
19 EASA College Of Engineering and TechnologyCNC LATHE
20 SriGuru Institute of TechnologyNIL
21 AJK Institute Of ManagementNIL
22 Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology"1. Shot Peening Machine 2. Fatigue Tester 3. Squeeze Casting Setup 4. Micro Hardness Tester 5. Image Analysis System 6. Wear Testing Apparatus 7. CNC Turning Centre 8. 3D Printer 9. Compression Moulding Machine 10. Surface Roughness Tester 11. ABB 6 Axis Industrial Robot"
23 Sri Ranganathar Institute Of Engineering and TechnologyETAP,THERMAL LABORATORY EQUIPMENT,CNC MACHINES
25 Karpagam Institute of TechnologyCNC Machines, FPGA Kits, Flame Photometer, Bomb Calorimeter, etc.
26 M.A.M. College of EngineeringNIL
28 Dr.N.G.P. Institute of TechnologySRM Power Module, Rectifier Unit, BLDC Motor, Flow measurement trainer kit, Power Quality Analyzer
29 Jansons Institute of TechnologySelf compacting concrete apparatus, California bearing ratio testing apparatus, CISCO networking lab, PMSM drive, SRM drive, BLDC drive, CNC lathe, CNC Milling, heat exchanger, visible spectro photometer
30 Hindusthan College of Engineering and TechnologyCMM Machine, 3D Printing
31 Aishwarya College of Engineering and TechnologyNIL
32 RVS Technical Campus CoimbatoreNIL
33 Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College"BME 1. PCR 2. Deep Freezer (-80 Degree Celsius) 3. Refrigerated Centrifuge 4. Elisa Reader 5. UV Spectrophotometer 6. BME –Kit and Electrode 7. Custom Bundle: Quanser QNET MYO Electric Board 8. Vernier Bio Instrumentation Sensor Kit 9. NI-ELVIS-II + 10. Pacemaker and Pacemaker Simulator 11. Multichannel Data Acquisition System 12. Analysis of EEG Signals 13. Bed Side Monitors-3 Channel 14. PC Based Vascular Doppler 15. Defibrillator Monitor and Stimulation 16. PC Based Lung Function Tester 17. Pacemaker Simulator and Internal/External 18. 8 Channel Data Acquisition System 19. Ultrasonic Scanner, Transducer and Displays 20. Audiometer 21. Cooling Centrifuge 22. UV-VIS Spectrophotometer 23. Laminar Air Flow ECE 1. NI Labview 2. NI Usb-6009 Kit,Ni Elvis /Pci-6251 Bundle,Speedy DSP Hardware 3. CRIO-9073 8 Slot Integrated 266MHZ Real Time Ctrl R 2M GATE FPGA 4. Camera NI-1722 Smart Camera 5. MultiSim V10 6. LAN-T Trainer Kit 7. MATLAB v7.12 R2012B AND Toolboxes 8. DSP Starter kit TMS320C6713 9. NI Software Defined Radio 10. NI Signals and Systems 11. Wipro Server: Intel Quad Core 2.4 GHz Processor,Intel 3420 Chip set Mother Board, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1.5TB (500*3) SATA HDD, DVD Writer, 18.5’’ TFT Monitor 12. FPGA advantage for HDL Design – Model sim SE simulator. 13. VLSI Training Unit (VTU). 14. 400 K gate Spartan-III Trainer with Traffic light controller interface & RTC interface. 15. Spartan – 6 FPGA project board. 16. Spectrum Analyzer with Tracking Generator 17. Antenna design Simulation software ADD on package for antenna trainer set up 18. Microcontoller-8051 Trainer Kits 19. Digital Signal Processing Trainer 20. Cross Compiler 21. Digital communication trainer kits with power supply 22. DSO(100MHz) 23. Klystron Bench-J Band 24. Klystron Bench-X Band 25. Klystron Bench-Antenna Setup ECE PG 1. Universal Embedded Trainer -16F877 PIC Microcontroller boards With MP LAB IDE V7.41 software tool 2. DSP starter kits- TMS 320C6713 with Code Composer Studio 3. DSP Trainer kits- TMSVC5416 4. Customized Software Embedded System laboratory (Digit CKY- EPF For PIC 18FXX Based Embedded Board RTOS Trioz OSEK RTOS) 5. Intel Atom innovation kits with Add-on boards 6. Keil MCB2370U-ED, Single Board Computer/ Evaluation Board for NXP LPC237x series (ARM7) + ULINK2 7. ESA MCB2140-ED, KEIL ARM7 Single Board Computer / Evaluation Board for Philips LPC2140 (ARM7) 8. Raspberry PI (ARM11) Development Boards With interfacing cables 9. IMX6SLEVK: Imx6 Solo Lite Evaluation Board 10. ISE Design suite System Edition 11. Virtex-5 Genesys Diligent Kit (with Vmod CAM) 12. Universal FPGA Kit - SPARTAN 3E 13. Mentor Graphics EDA Tools 14. MATLAB 7.14 with toolboxes 15. Xilinx Zynq-7000E00 Video and Imaging Kit MECH 1. Welding transformer and its accessories 2. Inverted metallurgical Microscope 3. Image analysis set up 4. Metal Sample Cutting machine 5. Centre Lathe, Capstan and Turret Lathe 6. Tool Dynamometers 7. Shaping Machine 8. Universal Milling Machine 9. Vertical Milling Machine 10. Cylindrical Grinder 11. Radial Drilling Machine 12. Planning Machine 13. Gear Hobbing Machine 14. Linear Measuring Instruments 15. Angular Measuring Instruments 16. Surface Roughness tester 17. Comparators 18. Autocollimator 19. Wireless data communication system (Industry 4.0) set up 20. Force, Pressure, Torque, Strain, Speed measuring Instruments with Date Acquisition card 21. Trainer CNC Lathe 22. Trainer CNC milling 23. Robot 24. 3D Coordinate Measuring Machine 25. 3D Printing Machine 26. Air Conditioning Test Rig 27. Four Cylinder Diesel Engine with Hydraulic Dynamometer Loading 28. Wind Tunnel- open circuit type 29. Computerized IC Engine Test Rig 30. Computerized Variable Compression Ratio Engine (Multi Fuel) 31. Five Gas Analyzer 32. Multi Cylinder Four Stroke Petrol Engine 33. Smoke Meter AVL437CC 34. Thermal Imaging Camera 35. FIE-Dynamic Balancing Machine Model: HDM-100, Capacity:100 Kg 36. Creo Elements 1.0 37. Solid works 38. ANSYS 15.0 39. Hyper works 11.0 40. Machine Vision Station with Lighting Setup and Stand 41. Server with LAN Connectivity 42. Automation Studio Software – Version 5.7 43. National Instruments LabVIEW Full Development System for Windows with 22 tool kits- Version 2009 44. CAD modeling software Solid Edge 45. CAM modeling software NX CAM Express 46. Analysis Software SIEMENS FEMAP 47. NI LABView ELVIS II – (Academic) 48. Quanser Qnet HVAC Trainer board for NI – Elvis II 49. Quanser Qnet Mechatronics Sensor I board for NI – Elvis II 50. Quanser Qnet V-Tol 1DOF Helicopter board for NI – Elvis II 51. Ultrasonic Tester 52. Specimen Preparation setup ( Double disc polisher) 53. Stir casting Unit 54. Variable Compression Ratio Engine 55. Refrigeration & Air conditioning Equipment 56. CFD Software (ANSYS 15) 57. Hyper work Package 58. CADEM 10.0 59. Master CAM X7 MBA 1. Server, Workstations and Printers with Networking 2. SPSS 17 3. SPSS Upgrade CIVIL 1. Total station 2. Theodolite 3. Notches and weirs 4. Impact of Jets apparatus 5. Pressure Gauges Calibrator 6. Hydraulic flume 7. Francis turbine assembly with fittings & Accessories 8. Turgo Impulse turbine assembly with fittings & Accessories 9. Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Ring 10. UTM of minimum 400 kN capacity 11. Torsion testing machine 12. Hardness testing machine 1.Rockwell 2.Vicker’s 3.Brinnel 13. Vee Bee Consistometer 14. Ultrasonic concrete tester 15. Compression Testing Machine-2000 kN 16. Hot Air Oven 17. Rebound Hammer 18. Vee Bee Consistometer 19. Shinkage limit apparatus 20. Direct shear apparatus 21. Relative density of Cohesionless soil apparatus 22. Unconfined compression test device 23. Single gang consolidation test device 24. Los-Angeles Abrasion test apparatus 25. Attrition test apparatus 26. California bearing ratio test apparatus 27. Marshall stability apparatus 28. Bitumen density test apparatus 29. BOD incubator 30. Hot air oven 31. Incubator 32. Laminar air flow chamber 33. Demineralizer 34. Kjeldahl nitrogen apparatus 35. Air volume sampler 36. Flame Photometer 37. STADD Pro. (Analysis and Design Software) – Minimum 5 user License EEE 1. DC Shunt motor coupled salient pole three phase alternator 2. MATLAB software 3. LabVIEW DAQ Card (50MS/Secs) 4. Simulation Software - MathCAD 5. E.M.T.P/ETAP/CYME/MIPOWER /any power system simulation software AU Power Lab 6. OrCAD –Pspice licenses 7. Single phase half and fully controlled bridge converter 8. Speed Control of DC Shunt Motor Drive 9. Speed Control of AC Induction Motor Drive 10. IPM Based Power Module(3 HP) 11. Dual Spartan 3 Controller(VDAD12) 12. 1 HP PMSM Motor Eddy Current Load Set up with resolver 13. Power Quality and Energy Analyser Module :Fluke 434-II 14. Solar PV Training & Research System 15. Solar PV Grid Tied Training System 16. Solar PV Emulator 17. Texas Instruments Analog Starter Kit NANO 1. Atomic Force Microscopy 2. Ball Miller with Accessories 3. BOD Incubator 4. Chemical vapor Deposition 5. Electrochemical Work Station 6. Electronic Balance 7. FT – IR with ATR 8. High Speed Laboratory Centrifuge 9. DC Sputtering 10. Florescence Spectrometer 11. Solar Simulator 12. Hot – Air Oven 13. Laminar Air Flow Chamber 14. Millipore Water Purification System 15. Muffle Furnace 16. Optical Microscope (high resolution) biological 17. Particle Size Analyzer(zeta potential) 18. pH Meter Digital 19. Powder XRD 20. Refrigerator 21. Sonicator (bath type) 22. Sonicator (probe type) 23. Spin Coating Unit 24. UV – Visible Spectrometer (with DRS) 25. Vacuum Pump (with accessories) EIE 1. Fibre Optic based level and Force measurement setup 2. Hygrometer for Humidity measurement 3. Capacitive Transducer 4. Piezo Electric Transducers 5. Torque measurement Trainer 6. Orifice Meter 7. Flow measurement Trainer 8. Level measurement Trainer 9. SCHILLER Hand Held Pulse Oximeter 10. Flow measurement using orifice and venturimeter (combined unit) STAINLESS STEEL 11. Flue Gas Oxygen Analyser 12. Interacting & Non Interacting Trainer 13. Simple Thermal System 14. Pneumatic Control Valve Positioner Trainer 15. Cascade Control Trainer 16. Flow Process Station 17. Level Process Analyser 18. Pressure Process Analyser 19. Temperature Process Station 20. Process Control Simulator 21. PCI based High Speed Data Acquisition Card 22. Distributed Control System (DCS) 23. Bottle Filling System 24. CIMPLICITY HMI (SCADA Package) 25. Three Tank System (Control System Based) 26. NI LabVIEW full Development system for windows for 10 users with 22 Tool kits 27. NI USB 6009 DAQ System 28. USB 9211A Thermocouple 29. USB 9219 Universal Input 30. USB 9234 Sound & Vibration 31. NI9213 TC 16 Channel 32. USB 9263 AO 33. NI 9265 Current Output Module 34. USB 9421 Digital Input 35. USB 9472 Digital Output 36. CDAQ 9172 Chassy 37. NI LabVIEW Academic Site License- Department Teaching includes one year standard service for windows with all tool kits- 50 Users 38. NI OPC Servers (Single User)- Software 39. NI ELVIS-II Basic Bundle 40. Ni myDAQ-Kit with LabVIEW & Multisim 41. NI 9219 4 Universal AI Module 42. NI 9263 4 Channel, Analog output Module 43. NI 9234 Software Selectable IEPE and AC/DC Coupling, Anti-Aliasing Filters, 102 dB Dynamic Range 44. NI 9232 Analog Input Module 45. NI 9205 Analog Input Module 46. NI cDAQ-9139 NI Compact DAQ, Core i7 1.33 GHz Controller 47. FPT-1015 15in. Flat Panel Touch Screen with VGA Interface and USB Control for PXI and Compact Vision System 48. Transmitter Kit (Temperature, Level and Pressure ) EIE PG 1. Level process station with all accessories 2. Conical Tank System with all accessories 3. Multi Input Multi Output system (Four Tank System) with all accessories 4. Discrete Control Sequence using PLC (Batch Process) 5. HMI using SCADA 6. Linear, Equal Percentage and Quick Opening valves 7. Linear dynamic model (black box) of a process for system identification 8. pH Control Test Rig 9. Smart Transmitter and Smart Valve positioner 10. UV – Visible spectrometer IT 1. WIPRO Net Power, Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.40 GHz Processor ,16 GB RAM, 1.5 TB HDD 2. IBM ,Intel Xeon Quad Core 3.0 GHz Processor,4 GB RAM,600 GB HDD 3. WIPRO Net Power, Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.40 GHz Processor,8 GB RAM 1.5 TB HDD 4. Wipro, Intel Xeon E5405 2GHz Processor,4GB RAM,500 GB HDD 5. IBM ,Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.0 GHz Processor,24 GB RAM,1.5TB HDD, 2TB External Storage 6. IBM ,Intel Xeon Quad Core 2.4 GHz Processor,16 GB RAM,12TB HDD 7. MOBOTIX High Resolution IP camera 8. 3 Mega pixel Infra-red IP camera with varied focal length 9. 1.3 Mega pixel Infra-red IP{ Speed Dome camera 10. Network video Recorder CSE 1. IBM X3500 M4, Intel Server board Dual Socket, 12 Core 2.0GHz Processor, 64GB DDR3 RAM, 2.4 TB HDD, 4x1 Gbps Network Card 2. Hardware Upgrade required to existing Server: 32 GB RAM & 2x 300 GB HDD 3. Thinclient Dual Core 2.4 GHz , 4 GB RAM ,8 GB Flash,Linux Embedded Three years With18.5 “LED Monitor ,KBD and Mouse 4. Horizon Academic VMware Horizon 7 Advanced : 10 Pack (CCU) 5. Horizon Academic Production Support/Subscription for VMware Horizon 7 Advanced : 10 Pack (CCU) for 1 year 6. Supermicro Super Server 1028GR-TR | SYS-1028GR-TR with 7. Tesla K40 (3 Nos) "
34 Sona College of Technology"• Votsch Climatic Chamber, Hot Air Oven, 30 kw Dynamometer for Torque Testing, Torque Measuring Setup • Energy Audit and Harmonic analysis, Lightning Impulse Voltage Test, Relay test, Temperature Rise Test, High Voltage Power frequency withstand test, BDV Test for Oil TanDelta/Dielectric constant test, Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) and Tracking Resistance test, Contact resistance measurement,Aging and Humidity test • dSPACE Controller DS1104 Controller Board, Speed goat real time based embedded controller, FPGA Evolution board ZynQ-7000 series and Hall Effect voltage and current sensor, Digital Storage Oscilloscope- Gwinstek, MATLAB software-Ardunio test setup • PLC automation for Variable frequency drives, Converter and Inverter based power generation and Solar and wind power generation setup • Semi Clean Room Facility for Semiconductor Micro/ Nanostructures and Device Fabrication, Thermal Evaporation System, Spin Coater, Laminar Wet bench, Constant Temperature Bath, Ultrasonic Cleaner, Micro Balance, Nitrogen Cylinder, Hot air Oven, Muffle furnace, Deionizer water plant, Hot plates with Magnetic Stirrer • Biospectrophotometer, NIR Analyzer, Digital Moisture Balance, Red wood Viscometer Mini Spectrophotometer, UV Cabinet for TLC, Optical whitener Detector, BOD Incubator, Muffle furnace, Hot Air Oven, Microwave Oven, Orbital Shaker • Paver Block making machine, Brick making machine • Million Gates FPGA Development Board, Network Analyzer, Antenna Sets, Optical Fiber Video Link, NI Compact RIO and Vision System, Aurduino and RASPBERRY boards, Model Sim • Cloud Computing Lab, Internet of Things (IOT) Lab CAD LAB, Thermal Imager, Digital Storage Oscilloscope, PLAXIS 3D, STAAD PRO V8i "
35 EXCEL ENGINEERING COLLEGE"CNC MILLING, CENTRELESS GRINDING MACHINE, DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM, WIND TUNNEL, ANSYS, CATIA, BLADE SERVER, Hydraulic Flume Assembly, Air Blower, Vibration Measurem ent Setup, Multi Process Station, Design and Testing of Pneumatic Circuit, Speed Controller of DC Motor, Hyundai Profession al Developm ent Centre with Light Moving Vehicle Service Ramp,"
36 KIT - KalaignarKarunanidhi Institute of TechnologyCyber Security Systems, Advanced CNC Machining Centre, Robotics and Embedded Systems,
37 SNS College of Technology"1. AERO - Non- Destructive Testing Setup 2.BIOMEDICAL - Double UV Spectrophotometer 3.CIVIL - CBR Apparatus,Proctor compaction apparatus,CTM – 400 KN capacity, Marshall stability Apparatus,Triaxial shear apparatus 4. ECE - Cadance, Xilinx, Spectrum Analyzer,Arduino, PIC Processor, ARM Processor 5. EEE - Power analyzer, Industrial drives and control laboratory, Simulation laboratory equipped with E -TAP, MATLAB, PROTEUS, SCI LAB softwares 6. E & I - Level Process Station, Flow Process Station, Temperature Process Station, Pressure Process Station, Bottle filling system, UV Spectrophotometer 7.MECH - a)Diesel Engine : Volume: 661 CC Type: Single Cylinder Four stroke water cooled. b). INVENTOR software, Solid Edge, Solid Works CREO and Ansys Software c). DRO Milling Machine and lathes and Mitutoyo Surface Roughness Tester 8.MCT - Robotic Apparatus 9) S & H - Magnetic stirrer, Ultrasonic cleaner, Auto Clave, Muffle furnace 10.CSE,IT- Desktop Machines with Intel Core i5 7th Gen 7400 processor @ 3.00 GHz, 16 GB RAM,2 GB Graphics Card, 1 TB HDD, "
38 Government College of TechnologyUV-Vis Spectrometer, Laser based Raman Spectrometer, Impedance Analyzer, Probe sonicator, Successive Ionic Layer Absorption and Reaction (SILAR), Photo catalysis, Crystal Growth Unit ,Hot Air Oven (Maximum Temperature 250 °C),High Temperature Furnace (Maximum Temperature 1100 °C),Vacuum Furnace (Maximum Temperature 250 °C), Hydraulic Pellet Press, Gas Sensor Setup, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, Simultaneous DTA-TG Apparatus, UV- Double beam Spectrophotometer, High Pressure Liquid Chromatography, Fluoride Analyzer, PSIM, Power Electronic Converter kits, Power Electronic and Power measurement bundle.(TEQIP-II),Real Time Simulator, Weather Monitoring Station, Solar PV Emulator, USB- DAQ, Smart grid simulator, Dynamic grid fault simulator, Loading set up, Metering Instruments, Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy, Inverted phase contrast Microscope, Biosafety Cabinet, Thermal cycler, Ultrasonicator
39 Vidyaa Vikas College Of Engineering and TechnologyNIL
40 Excel College Of Physiotherapy and Research Centre Nil
41 Park College of Engineering and Technology"Adv. Aerodynamic Test Facility (Indigenous wind cascade Tunnel) Hydrogen - Diesel Dual Fuel Engine Raman Spectro Photometer"
44 Nehru Institute of Management StudiesNil
46 EXCEL COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGYCNC Machine, Advanced Mechanical Software for Design,VLSI Lab,Power Electrical Devices Lab
49 Tamilnadu College of EngineeringSurvey Instrument,Loading frame,kaplon turbine,process control stations,conical tank system,Three tank & Four tank system,computerized Diesel Engine,Petrol Engine, Multi Cylinder Engine
50 Accions School of Maritime and LogisticsNil
51 SNS College of EngineeringMech - 3D Printing Machine, Twin cylinder data acquisition system, ECE- MSP430, ASLK Pro Kit, P2000 Launch pad, EEE -Power quality analyser and TI Kit, Civil - Flame Photometer, Ion Analyszer, CTM with 100 tons capacity
52 INFO INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERINGLab view Academy, Intel Lab,CISCO Lab,Turning Center, Vertical Machining Centre,
54 Study World College of EngineeringTotal Work Station
55 P.A. College of Engineering and TechnologyCadence,MATLAB,xilinx,DSO,CMG machine,CATIA,CNC Machine,Power Quality analyser,Disribution system lab,oracle 11g,Rational Rose,Cisco server, Atomic Spectroscopy,Gas Chromotography,Compression Tester
56 HINDUSTHAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY"Android Studio IBM Server IBM Rack Mounted Server PLC Trainer Kit Cadance Tool Signal Analyzer Xilinx Altera Board Vertical Milling Machine CNC Computer Numerical Control CNC Lathe Profile Projector Material Testing Equipment "
57 Jeppiaar Institute of Technology3D-Printer, Big Data Server
58 Jeppiaar Institute of Technology3D-Printer, Big Data Server
59 Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering (SVCE)Automobile Engineering: Refer Biotechnology: Refer Chemical Engineering: Refer Electronics and Communication Engineering: Refer Electrical and Electronics Engineering: Refer Computer Science and Engineering: Refer Information Technology: Refer Marine Engineering: Refer Mechanical Engineering: Refer Civil Engineering: Refer
Advanced Equipments