Anna University Industry Institute Collaboration Forum
       The forum, AUIIC aims at developing an effective Industry-Institute collaboration that can yield flourishing outcome on both the
ends. As a part of this momentous journey destined to a dream of arriving at comprehensive, integrated and complete solutions from
multiple     viewpoints,      Entrepreneurship    Development  Cell   of   Anna   University   Regional   Campus  Coimbatore  along  with
Entrepreneurship  Development and Innovation Institute (EDII) ,  a  group of  reputed Academic Institutes  and renowned industries
make the forum, AUIIC. It acts a bridge between the current problems often served with partial or inadequate solutions and the ideas
that can bring holistic approach at theoretical perspectives.
Vision AUIIC
To  establish  an  integrated  forum  that  promotes  multifaceted  school  of  thoughts  and  operational  outcome to provide complete
solutions  for  the  contemporary  problems  through   Industry-Institute  collaboration.
This  forum  provides a platform for conducting  brainstorming consultations  to bring out  innovative  recommended solutions from
erudite  academicians  of reputed   institutes  that  meet  social and commercial values of  current problems  offered by  the industrial
experts.This Forum makes a focus to identify, explore, analyze and resolve the inherent complexity that resides on Industry-Institute
relationship.  This forum further gives room for  investigating the  inadequacy of current benchmarking  standards and solutions that
may  quest for an enhanced marketing value from the  industrial perspective  and provides  the valuable suggestions from the experts
from  both  the  industry  and  academia  to  enrich  and  fulfill  the  possible  outcomes.
Membership Criteria
•  Academic Institution :         Technical  Institutions / Arts & Science Colleges / Universities / Polytechnic Colleges.
•  Industries                    :          Micro / Small / Medium Industries / Corporates / Financial Institutions / Research Organizations.
Anna  University  Regional  Campus  Coimbatore  was  established  by the  Government of Tamil Nadu in the year 2007, located in an
arcadian    environment   under   the   foothills   of   Maruthamalai   temple   at   Somaiyampalayam,   Coimbatore.   Entrepreneurship
Development  cell  of  Anna  University Regional Campus Coimbatore, has granted the Hub status by Entrepreneurship Development
and  Innovation  Institute  (EDII)  –  An  Autonomous  Society  of  the  Govt.  of   Tamil Nadu  under  Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Development  Programme (IEDP).  ED cell has been recognized as Business Incubator (BI)/Host Institute (HI) for implementing the
scheme  “Support  for  Entrepreneurial  and  Managerial  Development  of  SMEs  through  Incubator”  by MSME,  Govt. of India.
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Entrepreneurship   Development  and  Innovation  Institute  (EDII)  Chennai,  is an autonomous society of the Government of Tamil
Nadu  formed  in 2001 to  promote entrepreneurship across Tamil Nadu. Located in Guindy, Chennai. EDII-TN is focused on creating
an aspirational entrepreneurship and innovation culture amongst all segments, especially youngsters, leading to creation and growth
of  large  number  of  innovative  businesses,  especially  in  the  manufacturing  sector. EDI supports, trains and facilitates budding &
existing  entrepreneurs,  MSME clusters,  Colleges  &  Universities  in  creating  an  E&I  ecosystem, etc.
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